Mercedes BMW Diagnostics – Euro Auto Sanford, FL

Full Service diagnostics for your luxury vehicle!

We utilize the STAR diagnostic system for Mercedes Benz and GT1 Diagnostics for BMW – By using Euro Auto House you can rest assured that your vehicle will be connected to the same diagnostic tools and equipment your dealer would use.

With the technological advances in modern vehicles systems most today will monitor “all systems” within your vehicle and can provide indicators of trouble areas long before an Euro Auto Mercedes Orlandoengine light or warning light lets you know there is a problem. Should we find fault codes coming from your vehicle we will review each of them with you – many codes do not require an immediate repair. If trouble is found that does require repairs any diagnostic fees or troubleshooting labor will be built directly into your estimate should you decide to proceed with the repairs.  The bottom line is if your check engine light is on – we will scan your vehicle and clear the codes for you, it’s on us!

Dealer Service without Dealer Pricing!

Dealers use a matrix scale system to price repairs – simply put factory engineers at some point determined that it should take X amount of hours for the average technician to repair a problem. These problems are listed in a book so to speak.  If the “book” indicates the repair job will take an average technician 8 hours – You are charged for 8 hours!  This is not the Euro Auto House System! If we work for 3 hours on your vehicle, you are charged for 3 hours. Furthermore, if your provide an estimate for 8 hours and the repair only takes our technician 6 hours, you are only charged for 6 hours!