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What is a Mercedes Benz Flex A or Flex B service?

Mercedes Benz vehicles manufactured in 1998 and after, follow the Flexible Service System The Flexible Service System, or FSS, is a series of maintenance schedules that your Mercedes will need throughout the course of its lifetime. While the most commonly known and used are Service A and Service B, these intervals can vary due to the age and model of your car, sometimes reaching as far as H Service. Typically, most Mercedes will need their Service A every 10,000-13,000 miles, alternating with Service B. You can expect to take your Mercedes in for Service A at 10,000 miles and each subsequent 20,000 miles, and for Service B at 20,000 miles and every subsequent 20,000 miles. The best way to time your Flexible Service System intervals is to follow your maintenance service indicator system.

Your MSI –  Maintenance Service Indicator

Your Maintenance Service Indicator System will start preparing you for your service intervals around one month before you will need them with countdown messages dictating which service is needed and how many days you have to schedule it, i.e. “Service A in XX Days.” You will also get notification by miles, i.e. “Service A in XX Miles.”

When the time for your service interval has arrived, you’ll get a “Service A due now” message. If you go past the date and mileage specified for service, you’ll get messages such as “Service A exceeded by xx Days/Miles.” A tone or signal will also sound when you’ve exceeded the allotted time and mileage for your service interval.


All services are performed by trained Mercedes Benz technician. We have over 25 years of factory Mercedes and AMG certified training!
Mercedes Benz Flexible Service System (FSS)
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