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AMG Certified Service!

Mercedes Certified Technicians - We use only Genuine Mercedes Benz replacement parts and fluids. All work is performed by a certified mechanic.

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Euro Auto House | 1100 Central Park Drive Sanford, FL 32771 | (321) 436-4362

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Flex Services

Each Flex Service is performed by a certified Mercedes Benz technician using only genuine parts and approved fluids! When it comes to your luxury automobile you should never cut corners. You should also not pay high dealer fees! Our Flex Service is performed to factory standards and will not void your warranty!

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Specialized Diagnostics

Euro Auto House has all of the specialized electronics required to not only scan your vehicle for trouble, but to fully diagnose issues. We not only will scan your vehicle for you, we will show you what it is telling us! No Hidden Gimmicks - Please contact us for your specific needs as there is never a diagnosis fee and we will even reset your codes!

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Transmission Service

Don't trust just anyone with import vehicles transmission! These components are some of the most delicate and complex components of your vehicle. Many transmissions are computerized to provide you with the signature smooth ride and shifting! Without the needed training or equipment you could simply cause more problems!

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It's Simple!

Why choose us? Well, there are many reasons but most importantly we are experts with hundreds of satisfied clients. We can perform a more complete service than your dealer while only repairing what is needed - as we do this you will leave us having a better understanding of your vehicle. Best of all we will not charge the high dealer fees!

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